Pineconium, (pronounced as 'pine-con-eee-um'), is a British one-man company that makes software and other stuff. Why not check what we have in stock?

We have games, operating systems (both proper and simu's)
tools and many many more.
Quality isn't guaranteed



A little browser I'm working on... uh yeah.

↓ You can download the (slighty old, but public) Android version here


PineOS is a simulated operating system, (or a simu for short), created with Scratch. PineOS is currently in development and there will be many updates to come.
If you are a Windows, Linux, or Mac user, you can download the demo for free or you can try out the Scratch Version on any browser.

The current version of PineOS is 0.4, but you can easily download all the previous versions of PineOS Desktop on the Itch.io page, all through most of them require Windows.


What is Choacury? Well its a custom built operating system that is completely open-source! If you want to swap operating systems but don't want Windows or a Linux distro? We got your back!
Compared to most other modern operating systems, we have a more "retro" visual style, inspired by many early Linux distro and UNIX operating systems.

Want to help out? Go ahead! You can join our Discord server here for free. You can also make your own Choacury distro, as long as if you know how to make an operating system.
You can always download the source code from our GitHub! Go crazy with it!

Experimental Login forms are here! | Jun 12th 2024

Yes you can now make and login to your account via Pineconium Passport! It's currently in private alpha testing on a test server but when I get my domain figured, you can try it out yourself!

Say Hello to our Newspage | Apr 12th 2024

Now live at Pineconium, our new Newspage! Click here so see it!

New Blogging Page here! | Apr 8th 2024

Yep, blogs and updates are moving here! But what would happen to the Google Sites page? Well we are still gonna keep it up, with the final blog coming soon over there.

PineOS 0.5 is nearly ready! | Apr 1st 2024

This sounds like an Aprils Fools joke but I'm pretty much nearly ready for PineOS 0.5 to be get a Public Beta Build. Keep an eye out for the month of June though...

Springing in to a new design... Soon | Mar 12th 2024

Excluding the obviously painful Spring joke, we are redesigning the website slightly. It should be live by April.

Resetting the announcements. | Mar 12th 2024

With me adding the date system now next to the announcement name, I forgot the dates with the older announcements, I did a reset...

Want to see older announcements? As well as our blogs? Check out our Blogging Page!

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